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An expert in integrative wellness, Casandra Higuera has 17+ years of experience in physiology, coaching, Pilates, Yoga & personal development. She provides integrative wellness for health conditions benefiting from a combination of alternative and Western medical care. The key to success is her ability to bridge dissimilar ancient & contemporary modalities to overcome adversity through a mind-body-spirit approach to recovery through fitness, transformational work, meditation and energy healing.

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Awaken the Magick Within

Our mission is to nurture and empower transformation of the individual's inner state and enable them to embody the life they want to live. When students do so, they raise the collective vibration to attract more light, peace, joy and love into consciousness.

This is achieved through fitness, transformational & health coaching, meditation, and healing programs intended for the unique needs of the client.

An empowered client’s results extend beyond their personal well-being; because when you love your life, you embolden others to love their life too.

“The first session with Casandra was life changing. For two years, I was unable to get a single full night’s sleep, I was exhausted and losing my mind, as was my husband. If I managed to fall asleep for a few hours, I would inevitably wake up from the slightest discomfort and then be restless for the rest of the night. After one session, I went to bed and SLEPT for 10 hours, the deepest most relaxing sleep. And I have slept a good 8 hours a night since, my husband can’t rouse me if he tried. What a major shift in the quality of my life. Truly miraculous. We are BOTH so grateful!”

-Elizabeth D.

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